Fodder and cereal come from our own cultures

The cereal and fodder that we use  for animal breeding come exclusively from our own production. Their cultivation is made with qualified personnel and under the careful guidance of doctors in agricultural field, with high training in this matter. 

With the help of the latest technology on the market, we prepare the food for animals from this raw material. In order for us to ensure the quality of foodstuffs throughout the process of production, we carefully supervise the observance of some norms and phases in the raw material process of production. In this way, we are entitled to guarantee the optimum and qualitative nutrition of our animals.

The raw materials for animal nutrition is based on corn, wheat, barley, and in order to ensure the required proteins for the optimum development, we also add soy flour. This way we manage to offer a balanced diet to our animals,  guaranteeing an optimum nutritive value for each category of animals for all breeding steps.

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