Who we are

Our family started the activity in 1951 in Italy by buying bovine and ovine from peasants for slaughtering them in our small slaughterhouse and to distribute the meat to different butcheries. The business developed in time and, based on solid grounds, reaching in 1978 to a breeding farm in order to ensure a superior quality to our products.

Also, we managed and still manage to ensure a continuity in our production and  our products from a qualitative point of view.

With the opening of the Romanian market and the appearance of investment opportunities in our country, we decided to extend our business outside Italy. Thanks to the proper medium for a business development, and to the excellent conditions for agriculture and animal breeding, we decided in 1990 to extend our activity in Romania as well. Since then we managed to offer a final product to our client that would observe even the most rigurous quality standards in the field.

Where we are

Our complex is in Giulvăz commune, situated at 20 km from Timişoara, Romania. We have chosen the Banat area as a place for our activity since it presents all the required conditions, and because it has an excellent climate for a good cereal production.

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